Blend Formulation

Nutritional Blend Formulations

From 1kg to 1000kg+, our team of trained food scientists and formulation chemists can help you develop and bring to the market nutritional supplement and food ingredient blends tailored to you.

We can provide Nutraceutical Base Blends for off the shelf solutions with low minimum order quantities or a more bespoke solution to fit any of your requirements.

Our trained team can also advise on the best ingredients to use in the formulations to balance taste / solubility / bulk density for all applications from foods and drinks to powder blends and supplement capsules.

All Vitamin and Mineral blends can be made to comply with all EU dietary nutrient reference values (NRV) and allow you to make on pack claims listed in the EU Register of approved nutrition and health claims made on foods.

With industry-leading lead times, Nutraceuticals will get your product to the market faster.

Here are some of the blend types we can offer:

  • Vitamin / Multivitamin Premixes

  • Mineral / Multimineral Premixes

  • Multivitamin + Mineral Premixes combined

  • Meal replacement blends (MRP) for full meal solutions

  • Vegan Protein Blends

  • Amino Acid Blends

  • Enzyme Blends

  • Probiotic Blends

  • Herbal Blends

  • Greens / Reds Blends (Spray Dried / Freeze Dried)

Here is the list of our Nutraceutical Base Blends 

Here is Blends Published In Our Product List 

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable technical sales colleagues to help guide you to the best solutions for your formulations.

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